Vladimir Region Administration Asked Russian Post to Raise Salaries

The employment service admitted that not everyone agrees to work for the minimum wage

The Vladimir regional administration held talks with the management of the regional branch of the Russian Post and offered to raise the salaries of rank-and-file employees, Andrei Grigoriev, head of the department of labor and employment, told a press conference on December 15.
The letter carriers are now looking for a salary equal to the minimum wage, he said. Such a full-time salary is unattractive to anyone, especially given the need to communicate with conflict-stricken visitors.

“We work with Russian Post on the vacancies they give us. The problem is the price-quality ratio. Not every citizen will go to work for the minimum wage. You understand that very well. It is hard to find employees there. In the summer period we attract students and schoolchildren. At such times [as now] there is a problem with vacancies, it is acute. We’ve already had a conversation with Russian Post at the [regional] administration level. I think they will reconsider their strategy on salaries.

Will you work for 12 thousand rubles? If you have a family, children, you know very well. Even if you go to the Russian Post offices, there are not many young people there. There are people there who are older, who probably work part-time on their pensions. And I’ll tell you, working with people is very hard work. Everyone comes with their own moods, things happen…,” Andrei Grigoriev described the situation.

As you know, according to the regional branch of the Russian Post, as of early December, 52 post offices in the Vladimir region were either completely, or partially closed because of staff shortages. The Vladimir region post office’s job sites search for common clerk for a salary starting from 10 thousand rubles, while the post office’s director – from 20 thousand rubles.

According to Andrey Grigoriev’s information, there were 5 555 people registered with the employment service as of December 15, 2021. The level of unemployment in the 33rd region is now at a record low for the whole period of monitoring in modern Russia. The most in-demand jobs now are seamstresses (more than four thousand vacancies formed due to the outflow of migrant workers), store salesman, driver. There remains a shortage of doctors, nurses and teachers.

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