Vladimir Sipyagin denied rumors about leaving the Vladimir governor’s post for the State Duma

The head of the region said that he works and will work in his position

Vladimir region Governor Vladimir Sipyagin during a press conference answered the question of journalists about his possible resignation to the State Duma. The head of the region first asked the journalist, “Are you worried?” and after an affirmative answer said the following:

“I work, have worked and will work as a governor. Even meeting with you here today, at this press conference, I keep my promise that we will meet with reputable members of the media with some regularity and talk about our past actions, our present actions and, of course, our future actions. And I talk today about the future actions of the administration and of me as governor.”

Vladimir Sipyagin also advised not to worry about his possible resignation as head of the region:

“Everything is fine. There are a lot of plans. There is a lot of work. And there are a lot of tasks, which were set by both the president and the government.” […] There’s no time to think about politics. I deal with politics to a minimum. Let others deal with politics. I’m fulfilling a state task. I am a governor!

Vladimir Sipyagin stressed that this question had not been discussed with his party. Earlier, the federal media reported that the Vladimir governor might join the Duma on the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR) list.

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