In Vladimir Recalculated the Cost of Social “Square Meter”

People on the waiting list have a better chance to move in

Vladimir’s waiting list has more chances to buy decent housing on budget subsidies. The regional capital approved the average market price per square meter of housing for the fourth quarter in the amount of 39.4 thousand rubles. The rate has not changed since 2018, the growth was more than two thousand rubles. The new calculations will affect large families and young families, as well as residents of emergency dwellings.

The social square meter is used when calculating payments for the purchase and construction of housing for participants in the program “Providing affordable and comfortable housing and communal services to citizens of the Russian Federation”. The list includes large families, public sector employees and municipal employees, as well as young families. The first and obligatory condition for them is the need to improve their housing conditions. A total of 1,380 people are on the waiting list in Vladimir.

During the nine months of this year, the city administration issued certificates of subsidy eligibility to 12 public sector workers’ families, 39 young families, and 24 large families. But even the happy owners of the payments have difficulties in finding housing. Today the market price of furnished apartments in Vladimir can go up to 60-70 thousand per square meter. But increasing the social price per square meter will allow people on the waiting list to reduce the amount of the mortgage, which most families are taking out.

If the social price per square meter goes up, the situation with emergency housing resettlement will also improve. According to the Housing Code, tenants are provided with apartments, while owners get compensations for vacated emergency accomodation. Calculations are made at the average rate. In summer, the bidding for the purchase of housing for emergency tenants was declared void due to lack of bids. Perhaps now the situation will improve.

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