Prices for Basic Necessities in the Vladimir Region Went Up by 13.9% Over the Year

Meat, vegetables, building materials were the leaders in inflation

According to Vladimirstat state statistics agency, in the first 11 months of 2021 the cost of a minimum set of foodstuffs per month has risen by an average of 13.9% in the region. As of November, the survival food basket in the region will cost 4,977.4 rubles.

The cost of a fixed set of goods and services in November 2021 was 17,831.1 rubles. Over the year the “basket”, which defines the minimum comfortable consumption per person, rose by 7.6%.

Prices of meat and poultry (21.9%), fish (15.2%), eggs (24.7%), cereals (15%), as well as fruits and vegetables (20.7%) rose most significantly for the year. Food products were not inferior in this regard. Detergents went up in price by 10.4%, furniture – by 19.6%, building materials – by 19.8%, gasoline – by 7.2%. Vladimirstat provides such figures, comparing prices in November 2020 with November 2021.

The statistics agency gives specific examples of goods most susceptible to inflation. These include cabbage, potatoes, carrots, chicken meat, cookies, buckwheat and pork – these are the very foods that form the basis of the diet and which one will be the last to give up. If before 2021 the citizens whose well-being was worsening gave up seafood and switched to potatoes and cabbage, in 2021 in a similar situation they can only tighten their belts tighter.

According to the department in May 2021, the average resident of the Vladimir region “for everything” spent 17,110.8 rubles per month and did not fit into a comfortable consumption. However, Vladimirstat reported a significant increase in welfare of Vladimir residents in 2021 – in the second quarter of the average per capita income of the region was 15.5% higher than during the same period in 2020, and the average salary from September 2020 to September 2021 rose from 36.8 to 37.4 thousand rubles, or 14%.

The average monthly growth of wages for the first nine months of 2021 amounted to 10%, while taking into account the official inflation rate – only 3.6%. This figure is a mix of both the income growth of the rich and the poor, for whom the increase in prices of everyday products was twice as high as the already high official inflation rate.

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