In 2020, the Incidence of Pneumonia in the Vladimir Region Increased For Four Times. This Very Diagnosis Was Incorrectly Given to Those Who Died of COVID-19

Coronavirus was cited as one of the reasons for the spike

In 2020, 23,065 cases of community-acquired pneumonia were registered in the Vladimir region. For comparison, a year earlier this figure was 5,972. During the year it increased 3.9 times, according to the annual report of the regional administration.

“The increase in morbidity is due to increased turnout of the population to medical organizations and diagnostic centers, as well as an increase in laboratory diagnosis due to the incidence of coronavirus infection,” the report said.

Despite this surge, the regional morbidity rate has not exceeded the Russian average. In 2020, the incidence of community-acquired pneumonia was 1,694 people per 100,000 inhabitants (i.e., 1.7 people per 100,000 inhabitants), while nationwide it was 1,854 people per 100,000 inhabitants.

Above average figure was registered in nine districts: Vyazniki, Gorokhovets, Kirzhach, Melenky, Murom, Alexandrov, Kameshky, Petushiky and Suzdal. Thus, in Melenky area it was 4666 people per 100 thousand inhabitants, in Murom – 3205, in Kirzhach – 2977.

Oblast authorities report that the age structure of the incidence of community-acquired pneumonia has changed dramatically over the year.

In 2020 adults accounted for 94.2% of all cases, whereas in previous years this figure varied between 62% and 76%. Surprisingly, the age structure of pneumonia cases has become similar to that of the coronavirus. This speaks in favor of the authorities’ assumption that cases of community-acquired pneumonia are “related” to COVID-19.

According to official information, coronavirus was confirmed in 18,563 patients in the Vladimir region in 2020. This is significantly less than the number of cases of community-acquired pneumonia in the same year.

There is a similar situation with mortality statistics. In 2020, excess mortality in the Vladimir region was 2,858. According to the regional Rospoterbnadzor, 521 of them died from coronavirus, according to Rosstat, there were 884 deaths from COVID-19 in the region during the same period, but even these figures do not explain the spike in deaths. At the same time, according to Rospotrebnadzor, the number of deaths from respiratory diseases in the region doubled.

Earlier ProVladimir reported that officially recognized dead from coronavirus in only 5% of cases were correct primary diagnosis (suspected of coronavirus). In most cases, however, patients (which later turned out to have been misdiagnosed) were diagnosed as having community-acquired pneumonia.

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