A Monument to the Last Russian Tsar Is Erected in a Village Near Vladimir

The three-meter sculpture was unveiled on September 14

In the village of Sanino, Petushinsky district, the first monument to Tsar Nicholas II in the Vladimir region appeared on the grounds of the Church of the Chernigov Icon of the Mother of God. The monument was unveiled on September 14, the day of the temple feast day. On this day, Metropolitan Amvrosy of Tver and Kashin conducted a service at the site. Metropolitans usually serve only within their diocese.

The bronze sculpture of the last tsar, by Moscow sculptor Rovshan Rzaev, is three meters high. The monument has the inscription “Nicholas II Tsar and Passion Bearer”. According to classical canons, the Tsar has all the attributes of power. The fingers of his right hand are folded for the sign of the cross. Photos of the monument appeared in instagram-account of the church complex of the village of Sanino. According to the publication Zebra-TV, the monument on the territory of the parish appeared due to the fact that a major contributor to the temple honors the last tsar.

The village of Sanino is territorially located between the towns of Pokrov and Kirzhach. In the early XX century this place was known for the production of furniture, as well as the fact that the local squandered landlord gave the peasants freedom for 12 years before the abolition of serfdom. According to the 2010 census, 155 people lived here. On the territory of the village is the Church of the Chernigov icon of the Mother of God of 1890, which belongs to the monuments of architecture of federal importance.

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