The Prices of Vegetables and Meat Went Up the Most In the Vladimir Region Since the Beginning of the Year

Sugar has not changed in price, but chicken eggs have become significantly cheaper

According to Vladimirstat, as of September 13, prices for food and goods did not show a significant increase over the past week. Pork (by 0.8%) and sausage (by 0.7%) became the most expensive. If we count the change in prices from the beginning of the year, the situation will be different.

In the 33rd region, there has not yet been a seasonal decrease in the prices of certain types of vegetables. Moreover, carrots and cabbage in mid-September are much more expensive (by a third and one and a half times, respectively) than in the “off-season” late December.

This may be due to the poor harvest of vegetables because of the abnormally hot and dry summer. The Vladimir agrarians have lost 500 million rubles only because of the total loss of crops on some territories. A comparable amount will be losses from bad crops in the rest of the territory.

Meat prices are not happy with stability. In the first nine months of 2021, pork went up in price by 14.77%, chicken – by 14.57%, lamb – by 8.5%, beef, which had already significantly increased in price in 2020, continued to rise in price. This type of meat rose in price by 5.6%. At the same time, the price of sausages and frankfurters increased.

The prices of salt, sugar, cheese and milk showed stability. The rise in the price of sour cream, cottage cheese and butter is within 4.5%. Since winter, chicken eggs have fallen in price by almost 14%.

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