Vladimir Rospotrebnadzor Opposed the Relaxation of Anti-COVID Measures Before the New Year Holidays

The department fears the worsening of the epidemic situation due to holiday euphoria

The situation with the spread of a new coronavirus infection in the Vladimir region has been stabilized, said regional Rospotrebnadzor representative Marina Koltunova. Despite this, the department opposes the removal of any anticoviral restrictions.

“As of today, the situation on coronavirus infection in the Vladimir region, we can say, has stabilized. We have not registered an increase in the incidence of the disease for several weeks. We have a slight decrease. But here we have to make a caveat that these numbers – two, three, maximum five people that we have on decrease, in principle, do not change the epidemic situation. We can say that the situation is stable, but fragile”, – said Koltunova.

In anticipation of New Year holidays Vladimir Rospotrebnadzor fears that things may change for the worse, so it is not recommended to remove existing restrictions. It concerns first of all the working hours of public catering establishments. Now cafes and restaurants can accept guests from six in the morning until one in the morning.

“The position of Rospotrebnadzor concerning the removal of any restrictions is clear – we are against it. It seems that the New Year holidays in our society is a situation of complete euphoria. That is, everything is over, we have nothing to fear anymore, we have returned to our past lives and everything in that spirit, “- said the press secretary of the Office.

It will be recalled that now in Vladimir region it is possible to visit public places and public catering establishments without QR codes or certificates of vaccination against coronavirus. QR codes are now required only to visit mass events held in educational and cultural institutions.

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