In the Vladimir Region for Three Years Restored 16 Thousand Hectares of Forest

The plan for 2021 is already in place

Forests in the Vladimir region recovered on a total area of 16.2 thousand hectares between 2019 and 2021. This was reported by the Department of Forestry, adding that the indicator of the national project “The ratio of the area of reforestation and afforestation to the area of felled and dead forest plantations” is achieved ahead of schedule. Plan for the year 2021 was 5.4 thousand hectares, it has already been implemented. 3.6 thousand hectares are to be restored next year.

“The main volume of forest restoration is carried out by tenants of forest plots at their own expense. This is explained by the fact that clearcuts are mainly conducted on the leased territory. Execution of measures in full volume, their timeliness and quality is controlled by the Department of Forestry and its subordinate forestries”, – notes press-service of the regional administration.

The federal budget allotted 145 million rubles for renewal of forest fire extinguishing and forestry machinery and equipment. This money was used to buy for three years:

It will be reminded that in spring of 2022 it is planned to carry out reforestation as a part of the project on construction of the highway M-12 “Moscow – Nizhny Novgorod – Kazan”. According to the White House, the areas for planting of trees on a total area of 0,4 thousand hectares have been selected and agreed. At the same time for the sake of the future road in the Vladimir region a little more than a thousand hectares of forest will be cut down.

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