Public Sector Workers in Vladimir Vote en Masse With Absentee Ballots at One Polling Station

Employees say that they do it on the instructions of their superiors

On September 17, voting for parties and candidates to the Duma began all over Russia. In Vladimir, the staff of several state-financed institutions took absentee certificates en masse at their place of residence and lined up to vote in the municipal “House of Officers”.

In the morning of September 17, officers of the traffic police, workers of cultural institutions, as well as employees of the Vladimir-Suzdal Museum Reserve were in line for the ballot boxes. They told ProVladimir that their superiors had instructed them to vote elsewhere than at their place of residence.

Such electoral practices have been observed in Vladimir before. For example, during the 2020 elections to the Vladimir city council, employees of budget-funded institutions lined up to vote early. ProVladimir was given to understand from the city electoral commission and the prosecutor’s office that they did not see any violation of legal procedure in this.

Voting for Duma deputies will run for three days, until Sunday, September 19. In addition, municipal council deputies will be elected on that day in several districts of the region.

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