The Ambulance Once Again Brought a Patient to the Regoinal Administration. There Was No Room for a 90-Year-Old Citizen in a Coronavirus Hospital

Medics stood outside the governor's window and sounded the siren

For the third time this year in Vladimir, an ambulance stopped under the windows of the regional administration building. Medics could not find a place to hospitalize a coronavirus patient. Late on Sunday evening, October 17, by turning on the siren, the ambulance workers attracted the attention of officials and once again achieved the allocation of space.

Video of the ambulance standing there with its blinkers on and its horn blaring was posted in the “Listening to you in Vladimir” subpublic.

According to the publication “Zebra-TV”, the patient is 89 years old, earlier on Sunday, she was refused in several city hospitals, citing lack of places. As a result, the patient managed to be hospitalized at the Regional Clinical Hospital.

A previous similar case occurred in Vladimir on 3 October. A paramedic brought a patient to the White House after a number of refusals to admit him to hospital. An ambulance worker also posted a video of a man, resembling a medical worker, calling his superiors and demanding that no ambulance be sent to his medical facility because there was nowhere to put people. Earlier, a similar incident took place in the summer.

At present, a record number of coronavirus beds are deployed in the Vladimir Region, more than two thousand of them are occupied – which is also a record and substantially exceeds the level of hospitalizations during previous waves of COVID-19 in the region. Ambulance workers in conversation with ProVladimir admitted that in October 2021, patients from Vladimir wait several hours for doctors.

Acting Governor Alexander Avdeev announced measures to prevent the collapse of the medical care system. The region reformatted the routing of patients in such a way that anyone could be admitted to any hospital where there are free beds, even if it is 140 kilometers away from the regional center. It is also planned to deploy additional beds in institutions of preventive profile – the patients who do not need oxygen will be treated there.

In addition, the Acting Governor intends to send an urgent request to the Government for construction of a rapidly erected coronavirus hospital for 300 beds, with the possibility of expansion up to 600 beds. Under favorable circumstances, such hospital may appear in 4-5 months. Authorities are considering a site for its construction in the Kameshkovsky district.

At a weekly briefing last Thursday, representatives of the regional Department of Health and an official representative of Rospotrebnadzor said that the region has not yet reached the peak of the wave. This means that in the next few days the number of people falling ill and the number of hospitalizations will only increase.

At the beginning of the week the Acting Governor Alexander Avdeev will hold a meeting with representatives of the business community and profile departments. In particular, it will discuss possible introduction of coronavirus restrictions and stricter vaccination requirements for certain professions. At the same time, the acting head of the region has not yet introduced visits to public institutions with QR-codes or PCR-tests, having postponed this measure for two weeks.

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