The Husband of Anna Bobrikova, Who Died After Giving Birth, Said That the Investigation Is Preparing to Press Charges

October 14 marked five years since the death of a young woman

The husband of Anna Bobrikova, who died after childbirth, published a post in the community of her memory, in which he talked about the progress of the investigation of the criminal case. Sergey Plaksin reminded that October 14 was the fifth anniversary of the woman’s death.

According to the widower, the investigation is approaching its denouement and charges will soon be filed. He noted that he was afraid to name specific dates – his expectations were not met before. Sergei Plaksin stressed that some urged him to resign, saying that such cases are not solved, but he was unwilling to give up.

“Several years are behind us. 30 volumes of the criminal case, more than 10 investigators changed. In the end, an honest investigator was assigned to the case, with whom we solved the crime. Many questions went unanswered for a long time. And now there were honest doctors who fully confirmed the main (and most obvious) version.

Sergey Plaksin described the events of those fateful days in October 2016 that led to the tragedy. And he promised to name the guilty medical workers when the trial begins:

“Anya was too early to give birth. The due date was June 22. They were in a hurry. And decided to squeeze the baby out as they pleased. They tore her uterus. They drugged it. Only the cervix was sutured, and the ruptured uterus filled with blood for hours. Two hours in the delivery room. And then Anya was taken out of the delivery room to some dark corner, I believe, without being examined. And no one went near her for a long time. She gave birth at 17-30. They detected bleeding from the ruptured uterus at 23-20. And even then she could have been saved. But instead of stopping the bleeding, they cut her uterus (she gave birth naturally) along the placental pad and there was no chance to survive. That is how they took the life of a young healthy woman. They deprived my son of his mother…”.

The widower added that the court will sentence not only the doctors responsible for the death of the young woman, but also “the rotten Vladimir health care system that destroys people’s lives and those who gave birth to it.
Sergei Plaksin announced plans to create his own YouTube channel where he will disclose some details of the case. He also plans to talk about how women in labor should be treated according to medical standards and rules.

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