The Vladimir Regional Health Inspectorate Told About Additional Mortality From COVID

Lethality figures in the region correspond to the national average

Artem Osipov, deputy director of the Department of Health, spoke about the added mortality rate in the Vladimir region. At a White House briefing it was reported that the situation remains tense because of the coronavirus:

“Additive mortality from COVID-19 in the whole country is about 35%. Those 35% are people who should not have died in the pre-pandemic period, but in a pandemic environment it [the disease] has caused them to die prematurely.”

According to the Stop.Coronavirus website, 260,000 people in Russia have died from COVID-19. As Osipov noted, this is like the population of a district town, if not a regional one. And if you imagine the scale of mortality, an apocalyptic picture emerges:

“If you think about it for a second … Gas stations should work, cafes should work, theaters should work, people should study at universities … This city will be absolutely empty. And if we look at the death toll, which we have at the level of Vladimir, then, accordingly, there will be a small town-type settlement completely depopulated.”

According to information as of November 18, 2,364 people died of COVID-19 in the Vladimir region. Osipov stressed that the lethality figures in the region correspond to the national average. Earlier we reported that the October mortality rate in the Vladimir region was 36% higher than the pre-coronavirus rate.

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