New Anti-coronavirus Restrictions Introduced in the Vladimir Region

Recreational activities are fully available to those who have had the COVID-19 vaccination

New anti-coronavirus restrictions are being introduced in the Vladimir region since June 21. Corresponding changes were introduced in the governor’s decree No. 38 “On the introduction of a high-preparedness regime” after a meeting of the operational headquarters held on June 18.

“Members of the operational staff discussed the proposals of the chief state sanitary doctor for the Vladimir region Tatiana Danilova on the introduction of a number of coronavirus restrictions in the region. Some of them were supported, others were softened at the request of the business community, taking into account the vaccination campaign. The decision of the operational staff formed the basis of the amendments to the regional Governor’s decree of 17.03.2020 № 38 “On the introduction of a high alert mode”, “- the press service of the administration.

Based on the documents, now:

  • It is forbidden to hold recreational, physical education, sports, exhibition and advertising events with the presence of citizens in person, except for those that are organized in the open air, in a fenced area. And only persons with certificates of vaccination against COVID-19 or with negative PCR-tests made not more than three days ago should be admitted;
  • events in cultural institutions can be held only if the occupancy rate of the premises does not exceed 75%, provided that the sanitary and epidemiological rules are observed;
  • museum expositions and exhibitions, as well as other events in museums can be visited by an excursion group of up to 30 people who arrive in the same vehicle or who study together. Or in a combined group of not more than 10 people;
  • Sports events can be held at the facilities of the closed and open type when the stands are filled with spectators of not more than 50%;
  • Until July 4, adolescents under the age of 16 without parental/legal representatives are prohibited to be in shopping malls, including food courts;
  • employers were recommended to transfer 30% of their employees to remote work format;
  • operation of children’s entertainment centers and game rooms is allowed under the condition of occupancy of not more than 50%;
  • catering establishments can work only with the simultaneous presence of not more than 50% of the maximum possible visitors;
  • In public catering establishments, dances, discotheques, contests, and karaoke were allowed to operate until July 4, 2021, but only citizens who have been vaccinated against coronavirus or have a negative PCR test for a period not exceeding three days may be admitted there;
  • food courts may continue to operate in the mall, but provided they are no more than 50% full.

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