The Participant of the Fatal Accident During the Military-Patriotic Training Camp in Suzdal Is Justified

The man could not objectively react to the traffic situation

Suzdal District Court found the driver who collided with a car driven by an underage participant of a military-patriotic training camp not guilty. The incident occurred on March 3, 2018 near the village of Pavlovskoye of Suzdal district.

As established during numerous examinations, the driver was moving at a permitted speed, and the teenager drove into the oncoming traffic lane, not being able to stop his car. Because of the sudden traffic situation, the accused could not reduce the speed of the car or otherwise avoid a collision with the car “VAZ-21053.” The 17-year-old had no driver’s license and had no driving skills. He died as a result of the accident.

The tragedy occurred during a military-patriotic training camp with the participation of Orthodox gymnasiums, junior army detachments and patriotic educational institutions. According to eyewitnesses, the organizers of the patriotic event put the minor behind the wheel, as they themselves were very drunk. At 23:00 on March 3 the car was involved in an accident on Ivanovo highway.

Journalists of Ren-TV who filmed the report “hot on the trail” tried to take a comment in the headquarters of the gathering, but almost everyone there was drunk. They could hardly find a person among the organizers who was able to talk. The organizer, Nikolai Yudin, who received permission from the district administration to hold the event, was also unable to speak.

The mother of the deceased demanded 10 million rubles compensation from the organizers. Patriot organizers transferred 300 thousand rubles to the woman as compensation for moral damages. The Suzdal District Court reports that the acquitted driver now has the right to demand compensation from the state authorities for criminal prosecution.

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