Development Budget or Survival Budget? Deputies of the Communist Party and United Russia Factions in the Vladimir Legislature Discussed Finances

The region's main financial document was adopted by a majority vote

The regional parliament approved the budget of the Vladimir region for 2022. After the first reading, 74 agreed amendments were made to the financial document concerning the distribution of funds within the various items. The main indicators are as follows: revenues – 80 billion rubles, expenses – 87.9 billion. The deficit is expected to be almost eight billion rubles.

The main discussions of the budget were held in the committees, and everything was decided by the decisive vote at the meeting. But since the event was public and was held in person for the first time in a long time, the Communist deputies could not help stating their unwillingness to vote for the regional financial document, as they had done in the first reading.

Once again, the Communists are nodding at Moscow, which is getting fatter, and at the poverty of the regions, which are patching up the holes.

“We are considering, it would seem, beautiful figures. But we would like to ponder what lies behind these figures. It sounds like we allocate 70% of the budget for social services, and that’s good. What is behind this? Development, or is it hiding the fact that we, unfortunately, do not have money for other things, that is, money only for the essentials? Might as well say about an average Russian family, which spends 100% of its budget on food, medicine, communal services, that they also have a development budget, because they spend 100% on social services. In our opinion, this budget is not a development budget, but a survival budget, patching holes and putting out fires,” said Sidorko.

Mr. Anton Sidorko

The population in Region 33 is dwindling, employees’ salaries are not growing, there is no one to work in first-aid stations, everything in the housing and utilities sector is thin and deteriorating, and the consumer opportunities of the citizens are low. If the region had a development budget, everyone would have noticed the changes, says the leader of the Communists. Sidorko stressed that he is not against allocating money for social services or roads, but the CPRF is against the policy of the “United Russia” party, which rules the country.

Mikhail Maksyukov, chairman of the legislature’s budget committee, said that the adopted document is a development budget. For 2022 and the next two years it provides for the construction of new schools, FAPs and outpatient clinics, sports facilities, new roads, as well as the replacement of heating networks and boilers.

“You want more – it’s understandable. We want more from Moscow, we want our taxpayers to improve their performance and revenues to the budget, but to say that this budget is not development is unambiguous, “- said Maksyukov.

Deputy Maxim Shevchenko called the construction of schools and hospitals not development, but an obligation and responsibility of the authorities:

“In the last 30 years everything has degraded. Development is what is really invested in the development of the region. There is not much to boast about here.

As a result, the discussion degenerated into an exchange of claims between the United Russia and the CPRF. Roman Kavinov, deputy chairman of the Duma, called to vote for the budget, while his opponents were asked to understand the budget process.

“Unfortunately, we hear vivid pathetic speeches of our colleagues about how everything is gone with melodramatic notes in the voice. But in three years we have to learn to understand some things,” said Kavinov.

Another Deputy Chairman of the Legislative Assembly Vyacheslav Kartukhin reminded about the investment congress, where agreements with business were signed. And the discussion was summed up by the speaker Vladimir Kiselev. He said that they had been working on the budget for several months and had heard a lot of opinions:

“Today again there were some emotionally vivid, but almost useless speeches. Because no specifics were sounded. 74 amendments were agreed upon, other amendments, unfortunately, were not made by our people who spoke, did not make amendments. Please, a request for the future, I will not say that populist statements, but such statements, which emphasize the leadership of a political force and the denial of all other political [forces], support specific amendments, we will accept them. If there are no specific amendments, what is there to talk about?”

The budget was passed by a majority vote. From the new year, the region will live by this financial document.

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