Activist Ivan Tumanov Arrested for 11 Days

The trial of the Navalny supporter was held at the police station

Vladimir activist Ivan Tumanov was convicted under administrative article 20.2.2 part 3 for organizing simultaneous presence of citizens near penal colony penal colony No. 2 in Pokrov, where on 6 April there was an action of medics in support of opposition politician Alexei Navalny.

The young man was sentenced to 11 days of arrest. The day before Ivan Tumanov was detained near his home and taken to the district center Petushki. The activist’s case should have been heard in the local courthouse, but because of the blackout in the town the process was moved to the local police department.

Alexei Navalny’s case has been tried outside the courtroom before, a practice which is extremely rare in Russia. In Tumanov’s case, it may be related to the desire for a sudden and urgent review of the administrative case for a two-week-old violation.

Ivan Tumanov’s associate Danila Belyakov posted on his Telegram Channel that the activist will serve his sentence in a special detention center in Vladimir.

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