Abnormal Heat Will Last In the Vladimir Region Until the End of the Week

The reason for this is a powerful ridge of subtropical anticyclone from the Iranian highlands

In the Vladimir region most of this week will remain abnormally hot weather, 7 – 10 degrees above the climatic norm. Citizens are urged to be careful and observe the drinking regime. Rospotrebnadzor even recommended reducing the working day.

“Wear light and loose clothing made of natural fabrics. Going outdoors, wear a summer hat and sunglasses. Outdoors, try to stay in the shade. Avoid intense physical activity,” wrote the press service of the regional EMERCOM.

The Hydrometeorological Center promises that the hottest day in Vladimir will be Thursday, when the air temperature will warm up to +35. Yandex.Weather service promises +34 on Wednesday and Friday. Gismeteo predicts +34 on Friday, too.

The cause of the anomaly is a powerful ridge of subtropical anticyclone, which stretches over the territory of European Russia from the Iranian highlands.

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