Excess Mortality 2020 in the Vladimir Region Was Explained by Respiratory Diseases

Coronavirus fatalities cover only one-third of increased mortality

According to official Rospotrebnadzor statistics, 510 residents of Vladimir region died of coronavirus in 2020. Rosstat reports 884 coronavirus deaths for this period. In 2020, excess mortality was 19.6%, 2,858 more people died than the average for the previous five years. Officially, only one-third of all excess deaths are attributed to coronavirus.

The rest, according to Rosstat, was due to abnormal mortality rates from various diseases. Thus, according to the agency, the number of deaths from respiratory diseases almost doubled in the region in 2020. If in 2019 this figure was 46.8 people per hundred thousand inhabitants, in 2020 – 81.4. There was a slight increase in the number of deaths from digestive diseases (from 114 in 2019 to 117 in 2020). The number of deaths from infectious diseases, including tuberculosis, and neoplasms decreased in 2020.

A spike in deaths from respiratory diseases (these are not attributed to coronavirus cases) has been seen in other regions with high excess mortality. As Mediazone calculated, in Bashkortostan the increase in deaths from respiratory diseases for the year was 135%, in the Chechen Republic this figure is equal to 674%.

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