Scammers Lure Money From Vladimir Residents by Sending Messages about School Payments

Fraudsters claim compensation may be canceled

Residents of the Vladimir region began to receive mass spam messages about school payments. Attackers claim that it is necessary to urgently receive the “compensation”, otherwise it will be canceled. The message also contains a link to a phishing site, the address of which is very similar to the state portal.

Clicking on the link takes the fraud victim to a page where they are asked to enter their bank card data, which will allegedly receive money. Moreover, an Internet user was not only asked to provide the card number, but also its expiration date and a three-digit code on the reverse side. Having received this information, fraudsters gain access to the card account and can withdraw money from it.

“In a number of cases, scammers ask to transfer a small commission for drawing up a subsidy, explaining that the money goes to pay for the services of a lawyer. But after people transfer the commission, the scammers disappear. Such schemes are multiplying”, – reported the Vladimir branch of the Bank of Russia.

The press service of the financial institution added that accessing suspicious sites is also dangerous because the fraudsters may thus gain remote access to your computer or smartphone. And then – go to a personal account of the bank and perform any operations with funds and accounts.

The regional department of the Bank of Russia emphasizes that fraudsters were using similar schemes with payments last year. Residents of the region are urged to be more vigilant and not to rush to click on links from unknown persons.

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