Sentence Commuted for Ex-Police Officer Who Beat Suspect

A woman was tried for abuse of power

The Judicial Board of the Vladimir Regional Court considered the appeals against the sentence of the former head of the investigation department of the police of the Department of Internal Affairs of Russia for Sudogodsky district, who was previously convicted for abuse of power. The defendant in the case surnamed Khokhlova in October 2016 used violence and threatened the accused to make him plead guilty to the crime.

The press service of the regional court explains that the ex-police officer committed illegal actions, as she was afraid of reducing the quality indicators of the production of inquiry. She was also concerned about the disruption of the schedule of sending criminal cases to court and the possible receipt of disciplinary and financial penalties.

“Khokhlova V.A., in order to put pressure on the accused, deliberately struck him several blows to the face and torso, while insulting gr.M. in foul language and threatened to use violence against him, dangerous to life and health, thereby causing the victim physical and moral harm, mental suffering and physical pain”, – is reported in the case materials.

By her actions the defendant in the case undermined the authority of the internal affairs bodies. The Sudogodsky district court sentenced Khokhlova to imprisonment for three years with a ban for the same period to occupy positions in the police related to the implementation of organizational and administrative and economic functions. At the same time the punishment of imprisonment was imposed conditionally with a probation period of three years.

The regional court found grounds for changing the verdict. The judicial panel concluded that the court of first instance had not taken into account the fact that the woman exercised the functions of a representative of authority. Also there was no motivation for the assignment of additional punishment in the maximum amount.

As a result, the Vladimir Regional Court clarified that Khokhlova temporarily has no right to hold positions in the bodies of internal affairs related to the exercise of the functions of a representative of authority and organizational and administrative powers. The term of additional punishment was mitigated to two years and six months.

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