Accounts Chamber: 40 Million Rubles for the “Clickable” Analytical Platform Were Spent Ineffectively

Information about violations sent to the prosecutor's office of the Vladimir region

The Board of Accounts Chamber of the Vladimir region considered the results of the audit in the field of procurement in terms of costs for the creation of a digital platform. Recall that the project worth 40 million rubles was promised to be completed by December 29, 2019, but it was presented even earlier – on the 20th. Eleven digital services for the executive branch and structural subdivisions of the regional administration were developed.

In January 2021, it became known that the platform performed poorly in pilot operation – its core could not cope with the load of industrial scale. Then the vice-governor Arkady Botsan-Kharchenko promised to discuss with the developer of JSC “Concern Granit” the ways to solve the problem. As a result, the core was replaced and a number of components of the technological stack were upgraded. And the company was given extended warranty obligations until the end of this year.

However, the Chamber of Accounts came to the conclusion that the budget funds “were used ineffectively”, the terms of the contract were not fulfilled, and the goal of the purchase was not achieved. As of September (that is, 21 months after the payment for the services of Concern Granit), all 11 services of the platform did not meet the requirements of the terms of reference, and their functions and features had been implemented from 61% to 97%. The platform itself was only 88% ready, but was put into commercial operation.

“Based on the results of the audit of the procurement information on certain facts and signs of violations of the federal law № 44 has been sent to the prosecutor’s office of the Vladimir region and law enforcement agencies”, – clarified in the Accounts Chamber.

It should be added that the Portal of Culture and the service “Nonindifferent Citizen” were provided for use by the residents of the Vladimir region. The first one was launched in pilot operation on June 10, it was planned to be launched in commercial operation within a few months.

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