Residents of New Buildings in Vladimir Demand a Safe Road to School and Bus Stops

Appeals have been sent to the mayor's office and the Department of Transportation

Residents of new buildings in the area of Sodyshka appealed to the prosecutor’s office to oblige the administration of Vladimir and UPR “Moscow-Nizhny Novgorod” to make a safe route to a public transport stop, as well as to schools and kindergartens.

“For two years we have been fighting for our safety. The overpass was installed incorrectly. Not at the intersection itself, but to the side. They say it’s because of the gas pipeline. But then they would have done it right. It’s snowed in now. Can’t get a stroller onto the crossing. The ramp is terrible. When crossing to the underpass, we asked to put speed bumps. Promised in the mayor’s office, but never installed. They asphalted the walkway, but the crossing was made on the ring, where there is the heaviest traffic, and not right at the overpass. It’s not safe at all,” said Artem Semyonov, a resident of the high-rise on Gorky.

Residents with community workers conducted experiments in different weather. To drag a stroller on a ramp in the transition is very difficult. In Uprador assured that everything was done according to the norms. This transition is equipped with an elevator. If it constantly worked, then there would be fewer complaints from Vladimir citizens. But young mothers and pensioners say that it is difficult to reach the dispatcher – the elevator does not start.

According to the mayor’s office, this fall, work was carried out on the device pedestrian sidewalk from the house number 115 on Gorky Street to the overpass crosswalk. Why it was done exactly at the turning ring of transport, and not where the residents requested, officials do not explain.

“It would have been logical to make a “zebra” right at the exit of the overpass, at the supermarket. The traffic is not as heavy there. And at the U-turn roundabout, cab drivers and driving school cars are constantly maneuvering. There’s chaotic parking. You can’t even see the kids. Especially in the dark”, – shared his opinion a resident of the new building behind Pekinka.

The company SC “Route” for 9.6 million rubles repaired the turning rings, driveways and sidewalks to the crossing on the highway. Residents believe that there is a lack of lighting and artificial bumps. Families will seek a safe route through the prosecutor’s office. The head of the public movement “Killed roads of the Vladimir region” Sergey Fedyaev promised residents support in solving this problem.

By the way, this year the city administration planned to install traffic lights at the unsafe crossing at school № 25 on Gorky Street. But events were not held. This crossing is used by other residents “zapekinja” – from the neighborhood Verizino. Children from there are assigned to the institution № 25. In the dark time it is very risky to cross the highway with extremely heavy traffic. Experts are sure that additional lighting over the roadway and speed limits are needed here.

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