13 Participants of an Unsanctioned Action in Support of Navalny were Detained in Vladimir

Most of them were released, but two activists are awaiting the court's decision today

In the evening of April 21, a rally in support of Alexei Navalny was held in Vladimir. It was uncoordinated with the authorities. It was the third in 2021. We streamed the event online and covered everything that happened with photos and video. Disgruntled citizens gathered on Teatralnaya Square and then proceeded to Victory Square, as they had done during the January 23 rally.

The press service of the regional Interior Ministry Directorate told ProVladimir that they have no information about the number of protesters or detainees. We also were unable to say whether such data will be available later in the day. According to Vladimir journalists who were present on the scene, about 300 people participated in the event at the peak.

In the telegram channel “Free Vladimir”, summarizing the results of the action, they write about the participation of 300 to 500 people. Thirteen citizens were detained, 11 of whom were released on the same day. Kirill Ishutin and Vladislav Belyakov are in a more difficult situation – today their administrative cases will be heard in court. According to preliminary information, they are charged with Article 20.2 part 8 “repeated commission of administrative violations of the established order of organization or holding of a meeting, rally, demonstration, march or picketing”. They face a fine of 150 thousand to 300 thousand rubles, or 40 to 200 hours of compulsory labor, or administrative detention for up to 30 days.

The channel “Belyakov’s Team” reports that Sergei Rybakov and Ivan Tumanov, who were brought from Petushki to the regional capital, are also in the special detention center at 40, Polina Osipenko.

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