A Rally in Support of Navalny Took Place in Vladimir. Photo Report

Citizens did not resist arrests

On April 21 a rally was held in Vladimir in support of politician Alexei Navalny, who is being held at the in-patient clinic of the regional hospital for convicts in penal colony No 3. In the evening up to a hundred townspeople gathered on Teatralnaya Square, fenced off by the authorities. After chanting slogans, they headed in the direction of Victory Square, repeating the route of the activists on January 23.

At its peak, according to media estimates, the crowd reached 300 people. No more than half of them made it to the final point. There they chanted slogans in support of Free Russia and the imprisoned politician. Two hours after the rally began, police began detaining at least 13 people in vans. Most of them were being led by hand, some were being carried. The law enforcement agencies behaved correctly in relation to media personnel. As in the January 23 event, detentions were carried out not only by uniformed officers, but also by unidentified persons in civilian clothes.

By 7 p.m., which was the start time of the unauthorized action, there was no one on Teatralnaya Square. People stood behind the fence, which the authorities had put up at the beginning of the day, citing utility work.
Protest activist Kirill Ishutin and presidential supporter Roman Aleksandrov meet by chance and record an ironic video before the rally
A couple of police officers on Theater Square. All in all, the action was accompanied by dozens of uniformed officers and a fair number of unidentified persons in “civvies”
The action was covered by Agence France Press (AFP)
Elderly woman shames police officers
Some of the citizens who came to the action stood behind the fence at the “Theater Square” stop
Most of the protesters were young people
Participants move towards Victory Square
A police officer unsuccessfully calls on citizens to disperse on the square in front of the Regional Philharmonic Society
Vladimir residents shout slogans
Activists took out lanterns on Lenin Avenue
The police megaphone accused the marchers of obstructing the movement of people and cars, although at that time the only people on the avenue who were slowing down the traffic were police vans, which blocked the right lane
Police blocked the approaches to the regional court
Vladimir citizens dance around the flowerbed in front of the regional court building
The first detainee. She, like the others, offered no resistance to the police
First, the detainees were loaded into unmarked cars. With the participation of unidentified persons without uniforms and identifying signs
The detainee is carried into a police car
Then the first of the trucks pulled up
They also detained a man who happened to be passing by, being in a state of intoxication. He tried to “say hello to the camera” and was also taken by the police
The police created a living barrier around the bus, even though no one wanted to go there.
Another detention met with humility
Police waiting for more detainees

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