The Prosecutor’s Office Fined 7 Out of 10 Vladimir Carriers for the Condition of Buses and Schedule Violations

In total, the supervisory agency issued 22 orders, including for the failure of the braking system

The prosecutor’s office of the regional center together with the employees of the traffic police checked compliance with the law by the Vladimir carrier companies on the city routes. As a result, seven out of ten companies operating in Vladimir received fines for certain violations.

The supervisory body reported that the majority of transport companies do not respect the intervals of traffic, set in the schedule, as well as allow vehicles on the line with excess emissions standards, with technical problems of the brake system, with wheels, tires and exterior lighting fixtures that do not meet safety requirements.

As a result, the prosecutor’s office issued 22 resolutions on cases of administrative violations, five of which were against officials. Resolutions were satisfied, the guilty were fined.

Vladimir’s public transport operates in difficult conditions and with declining level of passenger service. Partly this situation was caused by the quality of management decisions of the city administration, which obviously miscalculated with the purchase of ecological Volgabuses, and partly – due to external factors, such as reduction of passenger traffic because of the pandemic and outflow of drivers to better paid positions in Mosgortrans or to the construction of federal highway M-12. In Vladimir, you can see several billboards inviting local drivers to work in the capital. Valuable professionals are promised housing, help with family relocation, and a decent salary.

In the summer of 2021 the company “ADM” ceased to work in Vladimir, abandoning all city buses. In due time, the conditions of the municipal tender were changed for gas-powered buses of this carrier, as a result of which BigAvtoTrans, a successful company at the time, lost its market share. Former Governor Svetlana Orlova acted as a lobbyist for Volgabus.

Today’s economic conditions suggest that if the current approach of the city administration to the organization of transportation continues, the degradation of this sphere will not only continue, but will reach a new level. On the other hand, the municipal authorities are limited in their actions by the decisions of the regional department of prices and tariffs, which sets the maximum allowable fare on city routes.
A few days after his appointment, Acting Governor Alexander Avdeev visited “Vladpassazhirtrans” in Vladimir, where he admitted that the topic of transport are leading in the number of calls from residents he received in a short time.

During the meeting Mayor Andrei Shokhin and the general director of “Vladimirpassazhirtrans” Mikhail Kulibaba told Avdeev about the situation at the enterprise. According to the city administration, the reasons for the long waiting time of the passengers are outdated fleet of vehicles, transport shortages and shortage of staff, because the drivers do not want to work on the worn-out equipment, and the wages do not match the load.

Alexander Avdeev also advocated the introduction of a more flexible and economically sound fare payment. It is reported that Vladimir authorities managed to send an application for federal infrastructure loan of 253 million rubles.

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