Vice-Governor Alexander Remiga Has Repeatedly Fallen ill With Coronavirus

He told about it on his Instagram

Alexander Remiga, Acting Vice-Governor of the Vladimir region, who was vaccinated and revaccinated against a new coronavirus infection, reported that he was diagnosed with COVID-19 on November 16. He told about it in his Instagram account.

Remiga stressed that thanks to the vaccination, he is carrying the disease easily. On Tuesday and Wednesday he had a fever of about 37.5, and on Thursday and Friday he was already able to work remotely. The deputy governor added that he had lost his sense of smell.

“The facts speak for themselves. I do urge that this [COVID-19 vaccination] be considered. Now I can speak as someone who has not only been vaccinated, but has fallen into that exception, which includes people who get sick after the vaccine. The passing of the disease is extremely mild. So don’t get sick, get vaccinated,” Remiga urged.

We should add that Alexander Remiga has already had a coronavirus infection. The first time he reported the diagnosis in October 2020.

As of November 20, 317 new cases of COVID-19 have been reported in the Vladimir Region, with 69,287 cases recorded over the entire observation period.

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