Damage from the fire in the Vladimir Drama Theater is estimated at 353 million rubles

Its repair can cost more, but the exact amount is still unknown

Almost nine months have passed since a major fire broke out in the Vladimir Academic Drama Theater in the regional capital. News about it comes rarely, although the topic remains a burning issue.

Recall that on June 29, 2020 there was a fire on an area of 500 square meters in the building of the Drama Theater. Seriously damaged the foyer, stage and auditorium, but the main supporting structures survived. Almost immediately began collecting donations for the restoration, and the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation promised to provide comprehensive support.

On the fact of the fire a criminal case was opened under the article “destruction or damage to property on a large scale, committed by careless handling of fire or other sources of increased danger”. At the time the cause of the fire was said to be a safety violation by the contractor of the work to replace conventional lighting fixtures in the hall. A 53-year-old worker was injured and hospitalized.

But the most interesting moment was the “guessing” of the sum, necessary for repair and restoration of the damaged building. At first, Mikhail Romanichev, the director of the regional department of construction and architecture, said that at least 600 million rubles were needed for the work, and two million for the development of design and estimate documentation.

Photo – press-service of AVO

Then United Russia General Council Secretary Andrei Turchak sent an appeal to Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin asking him to allocate 450 million rubles to the Vladimir region for repairs. Governor Vladimir Sipyagin said in an interview with the Interfax news agency in January 2021 that 700 million rubles would be needed for the reconstruction.

The State Budgetary Institution “Oblstroyzakazchik” estimated the reconstruction project at 23.7 million rubles. The tender was won by Moscow LLC “Energoproekt-7” which agreed to do the work for 15.4 million rubles. It is specified that repair of the drama theater can begin in the autumn of 2021.

On March, 27th the World Theatre Day is celebrated, on which the head of the Vladimir region has already congratulated all involved:

The last 12 months have shown how great is the love of the inhabitants of our region to this kind of art. Neither the pandemic nor the fire at the Vladimir Academic Regional Drama Theater prevented another creative season from taking place. Our artists performed at other venues – in their native region and as guests, and the productions were a great success with the audience

ProVladimir decided not to stand aside and asked the regional department of culture a few questions about the affected theater to update the information.

Photo – press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations

The amount of damage and repair costs

Department of Culture confirms: the exact cost of repair of the building will be known after the development of scientific and design documentation for the reconstruction. Meetings with the designer are held weekly. The amount of work done and compliance with the schedule is analyzed. At the moment “Oblstroyzakazchik” accepted nine sections of documentation out of 12.

According to experts’ estimates, the fire has damaged the Drama Theater building to the amount of 353.1 million rubles.

The cause of the fire and the suspects

According to the conclusion of the forensic expert institution “Test fire laboratory”, the cause of the fire is the ignition of combustible materials from an ignition source. Namely, during electric welding, red-hot particles and sparks hit combustible materials. The perpetrators are still being identified. Vladimir Drama Theater is recognized as an injured party in the criminal case.

Violations during electrical installation works

Repair work in terms of compliance with fire safety standards and requirements was carried out in accordance with applicable Russian law.

Certificates of admission to work in electrical installations with voltages up to and above 1000 V employees of the contractor were checked, a briefing on the rules of fire safety, which is confirmed by documentation

An official check of the theater officials, carried out on behalf of the governor, did not reveal any violations of fire safety on their part.

Did the authorized agencies conduct an inspection of the theater before the fire

Specialists from the Ministry of Emergency Situations conducted an inspection of the Drama Theater building in 2019 and did not find any violations of the government decree “On Fire Safety”.

But the planned inspection of the financial and economic activities of the theater for the period from January 1, 2018 to April 2, 2019, arranged by the control and auditing inspection of the Vladimir region administration, ended in bringing to administrative responsibility the head of the institution Boris Gunin. Under what article, is not specified.

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