The Police Named the Number of Participants in the Rally in Defense of Navalny in Vladimir

Activists and journalists believe that there were at least three times as many citizens

The police counted only about 100 participants at a rally in support of Alexei Navalny held in Vladimir on the evening of April 21, which was not coordinated with the authorities. This became known during the court proceedings against the activists Kirill Ishutin and Vladislav Belyakov. The activists were detained at the rally and taken to detention center at 40 Polina Osipenko Street. You can read about the punishment imposed on them in our other publication.

We should add that journalists counted about 300 citizens who came out at the peak of the action, and activists in fact declared the participation of 300 to 500 people. However, the official statistics of law enforcement agencies always differ from the testimony of participants on the site. Public activists have repeatedly stated that the police intentionally underestimate the numbers.

According to activists, 13 people were detained, 11 of whom were released on the same day. ProVladimir was unable to obtain any official data from the police department’s press office on the matter – they told us they had no information.

Here’s a photo report from the April 21 action. Participants gathered on Theater Square and then proceeded to Victory Square. Various slogans were heard, demanding the release of oppositionist Navalny, serving his sentence in the Vladimir region. No incidents were recorded.

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