The Government Noted the Backwardness of the Vladimir Digital Platform for Drug Coverage

The region is in the tail end of the adoption of computer technology in medical management

The Vladimir region was among the worst regions of Russia in terms of “digital maturity” of healthcare, ranking fourth from the bottom in the national rating. This assessment of the implementation of the federal project for the first quarter of 2021 was given to the region in the departmental report of the Ministry of Health on the implementation of measures to create a digital circuit in health care. ProVladimir has a copy of the document.

According to the report, in 27.7% of cases data on regional medical institutions were not presented or were presented incorrectly in the federal register of medical organizations. Our region was among the 20 regions that failed to launch the unified regional dispatching center of emergency care by May, among 11 regions where the patient flow management system is not established, and among 12 regions that failed to implement a system for managing reimbursable drug provision.

The report separately notes that in the Vladimir region there is a critically low percentage (less than 50%) of patients’ data uploaded to the Beneficiary Drug Provision System (FD LLO). Moreover, the Vladimir region has not yet started uploading data on prescription and dispensing of medicines to the FRL system. It follows from the documents that this system is able to track the need of each patient for medicines, the availability of medicines in pharmacies and solve the problem of prompt drug supply, avoiding overspending of public funds.

Earlier, Elena Utemova, former head of the regional healthcare department, said that the lack of readiness of digital platforms was one of the reasons for the large-scale failure in drug provision, which lasted for almost five months in the region. Among other things, Rostelecom is engaged in the implementation of digital health platforms in the Vladimir region. The press service of ProVladimir explained that the company is ahead of schedule. The probable reason for the lag of the region may be the late conclusion of the contract for “digitalization”.

A sharply negative assessment of the regional health care system soon after taking office was given by Vice-Governor Olga Grebneva.

“Just yesterday I plunged more or less into the problems of healthcare in the Vladimir region. To put it in medical terms, the field is now very sickly. What, so to speak, are the pluses of the pandemic, which, God willing, we survived last year and hopefully will not encounter again in this capacity? The coronavirus infection showed us the shortcomings of public health in all regions. The Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation also saw all the disadvantages that were in our industry, “- said the deputy governor during a speech at the regional Public Chamber.

Governor Vladimir Sipyagin corrected Olga Grebneva, specifying that “the healthcare system in the Vladimir region does exist. And indeed, the Vladimir region is not behind in all items of the program of digitalization of medicine. For example, the region has a relatively low percentage of unsuccessful attempts to make an appointment with a doctor via the Internet. In many regions, patients encounter failures in the system.

In the Vladimir region, the formation of a health information and analytical system, the implementation of modern computer technologies that provide a dynamic assessment of the health of the region’s population and the provision of medicines is the responsibility of the “MIAC” division of the regional health department.

In November 2020, Ivan Smetanin, the former director of the “MIAC” in Vladimir, found himself under criminal investigation for misappropriation of 80 million rubles. According to the investigation, the official purchased computer equipment worth 121 million rubles from a single supplier, while the real cost of the equipment was not more than 40 million rubles.

Now the Medical Information and Analytical Center is managed by Yulia Arsenina. ProVladimir drew the attention of the head of the center to the discrepancy between the information published on the website of the MIAC and reality. In response, the statistics of the regional hospital was hidden from public access, and the website has been under reconstruction for about six months.

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