“We would like him to be promoted to Moscow.” Zhirinovsky, head of the Liberal Democratic Party, commented on Governor Sipyagin’s possible departure

On July 22, the LDPR leader visited Vladimir

On July 22, an official LDPR delegation, headed by Vladimir Zhirinovsky, visited Vladimir. It arrived at the train station with a slight delay, and was greeted on the platform by Governor Vladimir Sipyagin.

After visiting Vladimir bakery, Vladimir Volfovich answered several questions of local journalists. The most hot topic was the possible withdrawal of Sipyagin from the post of the head of the Vladimir region. There is reason to suppose this – he has found himself on the federal list of candidates for the LDPR’s Duma election in a passable position. Sipyagin himself had previously strenuously denied any rumors about his dismissal, noting that he still has many challenges ahead of him.

Vladimir Zhirinovsky did not bring any particular clarity to the situation. According to the LDPR leader, he would like to see Sipyagin moved to Moscow for a promotion, but the choice is up to him. For now, he remains governor, and the 33rd region is lucky to have him.

“We would like him [Vladimir Sipyagin] to be here [governor of the Vladimir region] for a long time, but we would also like him to move to Moscow with a federal job promotion. He has a wealth of experience. But it depends on him: if he wants, he’ll finish his term to the end, if he wants, he’ll head one of the key committees in the Duma. <…>

As long as Vladimir Vladimirovich is here. His term ends in 2023. Maybe we’ll offer him [a Duma seat], because we’d like to have a governor with extensive grassroots experience as part of the faction. But as long as he’s here, he’s working, he’s a governor.

The indicators are all good on all positions, we checked all the documents. Everything is improving compared to the last period. And there were some pretty good governors back then, too. We are not at all the kind of party that swipes at the past and makes some unnecessary predictions about the future. Every governor works the way he can. But what good is Sipyagin for the Vladimir region? We mobilized the entire party, all the ministers worked for the Vladimir region. Because we forced, so that the money would come faster, faster included in the program. And we see the result. But if he ever leaves, it means that there will be another governor, and he [Sipyagin] will work on a federal scale,” Zhirinovsky said.

Zhirinovsky ignored ProVladimir’s question about what role First Vice-Governor Botsan-Kharchenko will play if Sipyagin leaves the region. Moreover, Zhirinovsky neither confirmed nor denied the information that Botsan-Kharchenko is his son-in-law, the husband of his illegitimate daughter Anastasia.

The LDPR does not intend to turn over the Vladimir region to itself – that is, to its one-party governor. Such issues should be decided in elections, Zhirinovsky emphasized.

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