Mushroom Hunters of the Gus-Khrustalny District Are Warned of the Danger of Meeting With the Wild Bison

Six bison were released a few months earlier from the cage complex in the village of Savinskaya in the Gus-Khrustalny district. The male, three females, and two calves will now live in the Urshelsky forest district, which is managed by the Meschera National Park. 

There are two reasons for this decision. The first – because of hot weather and absence of rains the vegetation in the enclosures dried up. Bison vitally need fresh grass because the most frequent disease that kills all kinds of bulls, including domestic cows, is intestinal blockage by dry masses and foreign objects. One of the oldest females in the enclosure died because of it.

Another cause was an aggressive male that prevented park staff from carrying out routine preventive and biotechnical measures, as well as clearing the area inside the enclosure.

“The Urshelsky forest area for bison resettlement was not chosen by chance. The floodplain meadows provide fresh grass even in the dry season.

The feeding grounds with hay and grains, as well as saline plots, providing stores of minerals for the bison, were also built in the forest area. The special team of state inspectors will guard and feed the herd, and their movements will be tracked by a drone”, – Tatyana Markova, the press secretary of the FSBI “Meschera national park” informed.

At the end of 2021 new bison will settle in Savinskaya – a five-year old male with Swiss pedigree from the cage of the Oka reserve and several females from Murom reserve. 

Residents of the Gus-Khrustalny district, planning to visit the Urshelsky woodland to pick mushrooms and berries, are warned that a wild group of bison lives there. It is better to refrain from going there. 

Recall that in late July, residents of several settlements in the Gus-Khrustalny district complained about wild animals walking around in the neighborhood. Because of the cancellation of the bus route to the village of Tyurvishi, citizens have to walk the same trails as bears. In addition, traces of lynx were found. The National Park “Meschera” then published a clarification in which it urged citizens to learn to get along with wildlife.

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