Antimonopoly Service Will Try to Influence the Prices of Cab Aggregators During Bad Weather

The Federal Antimonopoly Service continues to check the pricing of cab rides. In February 2021, the All-Russian People’s Front in the Vladimir region complained about a sharp increase in the cost of transportation during the snowfall. The situation was exacerbated by the disgusting operation of public transport in the regional center. Citizens who called a cab to get to work or to the hospital had to pay three to five times the normal fare.

The “People’s Front” said at the time that the price of a trip by cab drivers increased synchronously and by about the same amount. Aggregators referred to the increased demand – that is how they justified the increase in the cost of travel. It should be noted that the number of calls increased due to difficult weather conditions, about which the Ministry of Emergency Situations warned. In fact, the aggregators profited from the problems of city residents.

A similar story is still repeated in the rain. It is possible that when the snowfalls begin, the prices will go up sharply again. In any case, the issue has not yet been legally resolved, said ProVladimir chairman of the All-Russian Passenger Association, an ONF expert Ilya Zotov.
He believes that the price should be set by the carriers themselves.

“Now the cost is determined by the aggregator. We and many others believe that the cost should be set directly by the carrier, not aggregators. The aggregator can take a commission for the execution of orders, let’s say 5 – 10%, for what they allow to distribute orders. But direct costs – gasoline, wages, maintenance, washing – are borne by the carrier, it would be more correct for them to determine the cost themselves,” said Zotov.

The ” People’ Front” hopes that with the beginning of the new State Duma deputies will begin to consider the bill on the regulation of taxi activity. Representatives of ONF are members of the working group for the preparation of this bill.

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