Liza Alert Volunteers Rescue Freezing Citizens From Snowdrifts in Vladimir

Severe frosts forced patrols of the search group “Liza Alert” to go out again to the streets and roads of the Vladimir region. The volunteers’ task is to keep people warm, help them return home if necessary, or call for special services.

During the first cold night of December 21-22, 10 “Liza Alert” crews went out onto the streets of eight cities in the region. One person each was rescued in Sudogda and Suzdal. Also help was rendered to a motorist in Kovrov – he found himself in an industrial zone with a broken vehicle.

Last winter, car patrols rescued 10 people: some were taken home, others called an ambulance for medical assistance. In severe frosts, people without a fixed abode were taken to shelters by volunteers.

Liza Alert asks Vladimir residents to pay attention to people who need help. Bring them home or call emergency services. You can also dial the hotline around the clock squad – 8 – 800-700 – 54-52. The nearest patrol crew will go to the scene.

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