New Year Celebrations Are Canceled In the City of Kovrov Due to Low Level of Vaccination

The city has 90 percent of its beds in covid hospitals. There is not a single vaccinated patient there

The upcoming New Year’s Eve celebrations in Kovrov will be held without mass festivities and fireworks. Such a decision was made at a meeting of the city staff for the prevention of coronavirus.

The situation with morbidity in the city remains quite severe. Every day there are 30 – 35 new cases, which is more than 10% of all the diseased in the region. According to the acting head of the city Maksim Nechval, “there is a fragile balance, but it does not inspire optimism,” the press service of Kovrov’s administration reports.

“Due to the fact that the city has not reached the level of vaccination, which allows to form a collective immunity, and taking into account the restrictions of the Governor’s Decree and the Chief Sanitary Doctor to hold mass events in the street, public festivities and New Year’s Eve fireworks will be canceled. Such events in Kovrov traditionally gather more than a thousand people. This is unacceptable in a difficult epidemiological situation,” reads the statement.

While positive PCR tests are registered less frequently in the city, the number of pneumonia cases is not reduced, and coronavirus hospitals are filled by 90%. As of December 21, there were two people in the ICU on a ventilator, and seven of the hospitalized patients with coronavirus were children. Absolutely all COVID-19 patients in Kovrov, who required inpatient treatment, had not been vaccinated, stated the deputy chief physician of the Kovrov Central District Hospital.

Despite the low percentage of vaccinated citizens (56% of all city residents), the vaccination campaign in Kovrov slowed down significantly in December. When it was possible to vaccinate 600 people per week, only 156 were actually vaccinated. It is obvious that collective immunity has not been formed in the city, and the authorities are aware of this.

“The New Year holidays are approaching, and if now the bulk of people are in labor collectives, where certain safety measures are observed, then during the vacations the movement of Kovrov residents will acquire a chaotic character. This all may lead to a surge of new coronavirus infection by the end of January,” reported the city administration.

Instead of fireworks on New Year’s holidays, authorities will organize the increased work of hospitals and polyclinics, as well as the work of additional vaccination points in shopping centers, Sberbank offices and at the Oktyabrsky market.

All activities in kindergartens and schools in Kovrov will be held without mixing of groups and with only one parent present. Three charity Christmas trees will be held in the city, but without roundelays.

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