12.5% Of Vladimir Residents Live Below the Poverty Line

This indicator has not changed since 2019

According to Vladimirstat, 12.5% of residents of the Vladimir region lived below the poverty line in 2020. The government agency received the data after conducting a sample survey of the region’s households.
Recall, as of autumn 2020, the level of the living wage for an adult in the region is set at the level of 11,178 rubles ($155), the living wage for pensioners in the region is set at 9,800 rubles ($136).

The share of citizens with incomes below the subsistence level in 2019 was also estimated at 12.5%, while previously this indicator has been decreasing for several years. So, in 2014, the share of the poor was estimated at 14.7%. In terms of poverty, our region is worse than Moscow and the Moscow region, but in the neighboring Ivanovo region, the share of the poor in the total population is higher.

From 2019 to 2020, the number of people who only have enough money for food, utilities and clothing, but who cannot afford to buy durable goods, increased from 48.5% to 53.5%. People whose earnings used to be assessed as “average” are getting poorer in the region.

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