COVID Intensive Care Unit in Vladimir Hospital Is 100% Full

Sergey Artamonov, deputy chief physician of the hospital, spoke about the situation

The number of coronavirus cases is increasing in the Vladimir region. This was reported during an online briefing at the regional administration, dedicated to the epidemic situation. According to Sergey Artamonov, deputy chief medical officer of the Regional Clinical Hospital, the covid-hospital deployed on the basis of the medical institution is almost completely filled with patients.

“The regional clinical hospital, namely the infectious diseases hospital, takes on cases of moderate to severe [illness] of patients with coronavirus infection. At this point, the hospital is almost full. The intensive care unit is 100% occupied, and the hospital beds for medium severity patients are almost 98% occupied,” said the doctor.

Sergey Artamonov added that if previously the Covid hospital treated mostly patients aged 65 and older, now there are a lot of heavy patients aged 40 and younger.

“The peculiarity of the disease at the moment is that it starts quite quickly and progresses and gets worse quite quickly. If before there were weeks, now the count goes to days. And seeking medical help in a timely manner is key, more important than ever before.”

The doctor noted that many people wonder why vaccinated people get sick. According to him, no vaccine can protect 100% from disease. However, the vaccine creates immunity that helps fight the disease – it is either erased or more easily transmitted.

“We keep clear statistics, collecting a history of the disease from each patient. This includes [finding out] whether or not they were vaccinated, where, with what, when, and how it happened. So, the percentage of vaccinated patients at the Regional Clinical Hospital does not exceed ten. And, as doctors at the hospital point out, these patients have an easier time with the disease, they respond better and more quickly to treatment, and recover faster”.

According to Artamonov, one can have an ambivalent attitude toward vaccinations, read advice on the Internet and listen to people who have no medical training, but vaccination is the only way to stop the epidemic.

The doctor separately addressed young people who believe that it is not necessary to be vaccinated, because if they do get sick, they will get sick in a mild form. He reminded them that they have parents and grandparents who can get the infection through contact with their relatives.

“And you will be the people who caused you to get sick … So I urge you to take care not only of yourself, think not only of yourself. Let’s think about our relatives, our mothers, grandmothers, grandfathers and so on. And if you don’t want to be vaccinated – it’s everyone’s business, but vaccinate your relatives who are at risk for coronavirus infection”.

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