Vladimir Regional Court Dismissed Navalny’s Appeal Against the Petushinsky District Court’s Decision

Convicted politician challenged his placement on the preventive treatment register as prone to escape

The Vladimir Regional Court considered the appeal of Alexei Navalny against the decision of the Petushinsky District Court. Earlier the convicted politician challenged the decision of the commission of Pokrov colony-2 to put him on the preventive registry as prone to escape. The oppositionist claimed that the colony violated the commission’s procedure, his placement on the records was illegal, and the night checks by colony-2 staff violated his right to an uninterrupted eight-hour sleep.

The Petushinsky district court concluded that the commission of the penal institution took a competent decision. Navalny was put on the preventive register as a person prone to escape back in the detention center in Moscow. This was the basis for automatic placement to the same registry in correctional facility No. 2 in Pokrov. The court also concluded that the night checks of the convict cannot be regarded as a violation of his rights and freedoms:

“The main purpose of such preventive registration is to prevent offenses by persons held in correctional institutions through a system of preventive measures carried out by employees of institutions, which should be considered as an integral part of the educational work aimed at correction of convicts”.

Thus, the Petushinsky District Court did not support Navalny’s administrative claim against the Pokrov penal colony-2. The Judicial Board of the Vladimir Regional Court agreed with the conclusions of the first instance, leaving the appeal of the politician without satisfaction.

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