A Criminal Case Was Initiated Against Vice-governor Roman Godunin

Official accused of restricting competition

According to several sources of ProVladimir, the Investigative Committee opened a criminal case against Roman Godunin, Vice-Governor for Infrastructure Development, Housing and Public Utilities and Energy. According to the sources, the official is charged with paragraph two of Article 178 of the Criminal Code “limitation of competition by using official position”, the law enforcement officers are now in the office of the official.

At the time of publication, the press service of the Investigative Committee neither confirmed, nor denied the information about the investigative actions. Apparently, we are talking about events related to the construction of Rpensky proezd in the regional center. In early April the case of cartel conspiracy at the auction, where the right to carry out works worth over two billion rubles was brought against the acting director of the State Unitary Enterprise “DSU-3” (road department) Roman Golovin.

According to the investigation, the head of the state unitary enterprise entered into a cartel agreement with a competing firm, which is prohibited by antimonopoly laws. Under a tacit agreement, the opponent “DSU-3” was the second in the auction, both companies did not reduce the contract price, leaving it the original, that is the maximum – 2.077 billion rubles. The auction was declared void – in this case, the first bidder, that is, “DSU-3,” wins.

Already at that time, information began to appear in various sources that Golovin was not the initiator or even supporter of cartel collusion, but a participant in an illegal scheme at the direct instruction of a high-ranking official in the regional administration. “DSU-3” was established by the regional administration and falls under the jurisdiction of the Department of Transport and Road Facilities. The vice-governor in charge of the department is Roman Godunin. He was probably the boss who ordered the director of the state unitary enterprise to collude with the cartel.

Special attention of not only the Vladimir, but also the Moscow law enforcement bodies to this case is explained not only by the two-billion-dollar contract amount, but also by the fact that the project is being implemented with funding from the federal budget. Earlier Mikhail Mishustin, the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation signed the order to issue the first half-billion tranche for Rpenskiy passage.

Roman Golovin, after being charged in the criminal case, was given a measure of restraint not connected with restriction or deprivation of liberty – Article 178 is economic and “non-transferable”. Roman Hodunin, prosecuted under the same article, is not facing arrest either, at least in this criminal case. Whether or not he will continue as vice-governor is up to the head of the Vladimir Region, Vladimir Sipyagin, to decide.

We should add that at a press conference on 16 April Godunin dispelled rumors about his resignation, which began to appear against the background of the investigation of the criminal case against the former general director of Vladimirteplogaz, Alexander Korolev. The organization is also controlled by the administration of the region. Prior to his appointment as vice-governor, Godunin worked at VTG as a commercial director. Deputy Sipyagin emphasized that the work of the deputy governor suits him, and that he has tasks until November at least, for example, the completion of the housing complex “Cherry Park”.

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