In the Vladimir Region a Policeman was Given a Suspended Sentence for Beating an Alleged Violator

The court found him guilty of exceeding his authority

The Vladimir Regional Court considered the appeal of a police officer convicted of abuse of power. Earlier, the Alexandrovsky city court found that the man’s actions resulted in a violation of the rights and legitimate interests of a citizen.

On April 20, 2019 in the Alexandrovsky district, police warrant officer Kochetov together with a colleague arrived at the store “Phaeton”, where witnesses pointed them to a man who had committed an administrative offense. The law enforcement officer offered the alleged violator to proceed to the service car to go to the department to draw up a report, but he refused.

“In connection with the failure to comply with the above requirements Kochetov A.S. applied physical force in the form of wrestling and threw gr.K. on the floor of the store porch with a subsequent hold on it,” – reports the press service of the regional court.

Although the citizen after the incident did not try to flee the scene, the policeman decided to demonstrate his superiority as a representative of authority. He struck the man in the face, on the head and in the area of the chest with his hand.

The Alexandrovsky city court sentenced the police warrant officer to a punishment below the lowest limit, in the form of one year’s suspended imprisonment with six months’ probation and the imposition of certain obligations on him. The Vladimir Regional Court found the verdict to be lawful and justified, and left the appeals of the convict and his defender without satisfaction.

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