Agricultural Enterprises in the Vladimir Region Lost up to Half a Billion Rubles Due to the Drought

Cereals were killed in the region by 10% of the area, vegetables - by 22%.

Losses from the dry summer of 2021 in the Vladimir region are estimated at 456.8 mln rubles, according to the information, provided by the Vice-Speaker of the Regional Legislative Assembly Vyacheslav Kartukhin at the briefing on August 23. Due to the difficult situation an emergency situation was declared in Suzdal, Alexandrovsky, Melenky, Yuryev-Polsky, Kovrov and Gus-Khrustalny municipal areas.

The most affected by the drought was Yuryev-Polsky district, which accounted for a quarter of all losses. Suzdal district is not far behind by the complexity of the situation. In the region cereals were lost by 10,2% of the area of crops, potatoes – by 10,6%, vegetables – by 22,4%, maize – by 16%. Because of this the total yield of grain fell by 31%, potatoes – by 25%, and feed – by 20%. In the semiannual perspective this will have a negative impact both on the prices of agricultural products and (indirectly through fodder) on the cost of milk and dairy products. Perhaps the only way to curb food inflation in this situation, which was already high in the first half of the year, is a subsidy to agricultural producers from the state.

Representatives of the faction “United Russia” (Edinaya Rossia) in the regional parliament have addressed the governor with a proposal to allocate 457 million rubles to the farmers to cover losses caused by the drought, as well as to report to the deputies on the plans to combat the crop failure.

An unscheduled meeting of the Region’s Legislative Assembly is scheduled for 26 August. It is possible that the deputies will also raise the issue of combating the drought.

Talking to Zebra-TV, Alexander Remiga, the first Vice-Governor, assured journalists that the authorities were ready to help agricultural producers. However, the administration estimates the damage from the drought and the estimated amount of support at a more modest amount.

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