In Vladimir, a cancer patient died without waiting for anesthesia. The Regional Public Health Service called what happened a “tactical mistake of the doctor”.

Department Conducts Internal Review of Medical Workers at City Hospital 5

In Vladimir, a relative of a terminally ill lung cancer patient was unable to obtain prescription painkillers over the November holidays because the doctors present at work refused to sign the “pink form,” and some of the medical staff could not be found at the facility over the holiday weekend.

The patient was relieved of her death throes only after the ambulance arrived, but the pain relief was short-lived. After three days of suffering, screaming, and hallucinations, the woman died. This is how her relative described the situation in one of the city’s “VKontakte” subpages.

“On November 4, my mother-in-law’s condition sharply deteriorated, the tramadol stopped helping. The next day, on November 5, I went to GKB number 5 to get a transdermal system. As it turned out, on that day the station number 4 had no reception due to the weekend and holidays. Only the therapist Komolov (office 211) on duty was there.

A nurse came out of his office and told me that it was impossible to issue a prescription for this medicine, because the therapist on duty had no access and no forms. She also advised me to go to the reception (reference desk) for advice. The reception advised me to go to room 301, 302 to the chief administrator.

Both offices were locked. Then I was directed from the reception to room 705, where there was another therapist on duty, who allegedly had access and forms. At the 705 office the therapist told me no, because, and I quote: “she is from another area and, see, I don’t even have a nurse to fill the prescription form. Go to your duty officer and demand a prescription from him, they deceive you that they do not have.

I went back to the duty officer in room 211. There I, after sitting in a general line, had a conversation with the doctor himself, not the nurse. I recorded the conversation on the tape recorder. The answer was the same: “there is no pink prescription form. The question that struck me the most was why I waited so long and came in on my day off. Apparently, in their opinion, cancer and its consequences simply do not have the right to come on a day off and holidays.

This office advised me to come in on weekdays and call an ambulance. I called an ambulance as soon as I left the clinic. Thanks to the ambulance crew, who responded quickly enough to the call and arrived. The ambulance doctor was shocked by the initial refusal of the therapist to give me the medicine right away.

An injection was given, after which my mother-in-law fell asleep for 5 hours. Upon awakening, the screaming, pain, thrashing, moaning and all sorts of visions intensified (the ambulance had warned her about this). But the necessary medications were not available to relieve the patient’s last days of life. I injected tramadol and ketarol. The effect of these drugs was enough for an hour or an hour and a half. The result – three days of agony.

ProVladimir requested a comment from the regional Department of Health. The department said that they were aware of what had happened, and the inspection conducted tentatively established violations in the rules of care:

“An inspection was carried out on this situation. It was found that the patient’s main diagnosis had been recommended for palliative care at her place of residence with a course of anesthesia. On October 26, 2021 a preferential prescription for pain medication was written out. If her condition worsened and there was no pain relief on analgesic therapy, the patient was recommended to see a district physician at Vladimir City Hospital No. 5 again to determine the pain scale and prescribe narcotic pain medications.

On November 5, a relative of the patient appealed to the general practitioner on duty with a request to prescribe narcotic painkillers. An appropriate medical report was provided. Due to the heavy workload at the appointment, the doctor made a tactical error”.

The verification of what happened is currently ongoing. If the facts stated by the relative are confirmed, the perpetrators will be punished. At the same time, the Regional Public Health Service informs that there is no shortage of prescription painkillers, and the patient or his legal representative shall receive such drugs within 24 hours after the request:

“There is no shortage of pain medications in the State Budgetary Institution “City Clinical Hospital № 5 of Vladimir”. The prescription of such medications is made by the attending physician, and at weekends – by the doctor on duty. Prescriptions for the first prescribed pain medication are filled and issued on the day the patient or his or her representative applies.

Internal control of the quality and safety of medical activities is carried out in the city hospital № 5 in respect of this case. The results of the control will be sent to the Department of Health within a specified period of time. The results will result in disciplinary penalties for the medical workers who were involved in the provision of medical care to the patient”, – reads the response.

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