Vladimir Legislative Assembly Proposed to Dissolve Itself in Time for the Gubernatorial Elections

This will save 190 million rubles from the regional budget

Magamed Akhmatov, leader of the Motherland party’s regional branch, addressed the regional legislature on November 25 and called on its members to resign early and schedule the voting for fall 2022 to coincide with the gubernatorial election. This, according to the head of the regional Rodina, will save at least 190 million rubles from the regional budget.

“Dear Vyacheslav Pavlovich Kuzin during the public hearings on the discussion of the budget said that next year will be spent 198 million rubles for the election of the governor of the Vladimir region, and in 2023 – 190 for the election of deputies to the Legislative Assembly. In my opinion, this is a waste.

Dear deputies, I suggest you decide to terminate the powers of the deputies of the Legislative Assembly of the seventh convocation and hold early elections of the eighth convocation with the election of Governor of the Vladimir region in a single day of voting.

This will save at least 190 million rubles. This is a fairly serious amount, which can be spent on social protection and orphans. This is more than a hundred apartments for the most unprotected residents of our region. Thank you for your attention”.

It is worth noting that rumors about early elections to the Legislative Assembly began to circulate in the political circles of the region around the time of the arrival of Acting Governor Alexander Avdeev to the region.

In his speech, Magamed Akhmatov also raised the issue of the cancellation of direct popular elections of the head of Gus-Khrustalny. Local authorities have already taken artificial restrictions on admission to public hearings, which will be held in the city today. This indirectly indicates their intention to cancel the mayoral election at any cost.

“In just three hours, the procedure for depriving 50,000 residents of direct mayoral elections will begin in Gus-Khrustalny. After today’s special operation in Gus-Khrustalny, we will have Yevgeny Rychkov, the head of the Murom district, as the “black sheep” for the entire region. Murom will remain the last stronghold of the people’s power.

Dear deputies, experts come to the conclusion that the cancellation of the popular vote for the heads of municipalities leads to the fall of the political culture and stagnation of development on the municipal level. We trust people to elect the president, deputies of various levels, and governors. You must agree that it is foolish to refuse to choose the authority closest to the people. I suggest that direct elections of heads of districts and municipalities should be established at the level of urban districts, municipalities and regions,” Magamed Akhmatov said.

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