Editor-in-chief of Ekho Moskvy: “Don’t Blame Vladimir Doctors from the Regional Hospital”

The head of Ekho Moskvy described how the consultations of civil medics on Navalny took place

On Saturday, April 24th, on the air of Ekho Moskvy Moscow radio station, it’s editor-in-chief Alexey Venediktov revealed some details about how and when medics from the Vladimir Regional Clinical Hospital were allowed to examine Alexey Navalny, who is being held in facilities of the Vladimir Region’s FSIN (Penitentiary Service).

According to Venediktov, two consultations have already taken place. The first one was held in prison no. 2 in Pokrov, a week before the protests last Wednesday, and the second one was held in Vladimir, on the eve of the mass demonstrations:

“Alexei Anatolievich himself wrote that there were two consiliums of civilian doctors. That is, doctors not from the Federal Penitentiary Service. The last consultation, let’s call it what Alexei Navalny calls it in his latest Instagram blog, was on the 20th. The day before the mass demonstrations. It’s true. The first so-called consilium was on the 14th. Which we weren’t told about. And some medical [investigations] were also conducted there by the same doctors from the civilian, it’s called the Vladimir Regional Hospital. I have the names of these doctors. These are real doctors who have been working there for 13 years, 24 years. One doctor for six years. I have a record of all four or five of them who took part in the council on April 14.

Venediktov also said that doctors from Vladimir Regional Clinical Hospital gave Alexei Navalny’s doctors not only their conclusions and diagnoses but also the results of tests that could be interpreted. According to the journalist, these actions helped to find out that the potassium in the patient’s blood came back to normal. Moreover, it was on the basis of the data transmitted by Vladimir medics that Navalny’s doctors made the decision to recommend that he immediately end his hunger strike.

The editor-in-chief of Ekho Moskvy warned everyone, and especially Navalny’s supporters, against excessive criticism and negativity toward the doctors at the Vladimir hospital:

“I am categorically against jumping on Vladimir’s doctors again. Remember how you ‘jumped on the Omsk doctors’ who saved Alexei’s life. I would remind you that Alexey and Yulia thanked doctors from Omsk. I don’t mean the Omsk bosses. I mean specific doctors. So don’t jump on the Vladimir doctors from the Vladimir Regional Hospital.”

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