The Average Resident of Vladimir Lives on $232 per Month

40% of that money he spends on food

Vladimirstat presented the results of a sample study on the consumption patterns of the region’s residents. On average, one member of the region’s households spends 17,110.8 rubles per month. For comparison, in the Moscow region this figure is 41 337.6 rubles, and in Moscow – 57 487 rubles.

Residents of Vladimir region spend 41.1% or 7032 rubles on food, 36% or 6160 rubles on non-food items (clothing, furniture, appliances), 21.6% or 3696 rubles on services, and 1.3% or 223 rubles on alcoholic beverages.

In recent years, against the background of the general decrease in the region’s income, there has been an increase in the share of spending on food. As a rule, well-to-do people spend a relatively small share of their money on food, while poor people spend almost all their money on food and utilities. In 2011 Vladimir citizens spent 35% of their money on food, in 2016 – 38%, in 2021 – 41.1%. For comparison, in developed countries people spend about 25% on food.

The structure of expenditures is quite different in urban and rural areas, even taking into account the fact that people who bought cottages with money they earned in the capital live in the western parts of the region outside cities. Their income and economic habits differ significantly from those in the villages of Murom or Selivanovsky district. At the beginning of the year, the average salary in Petushinsky district was 47.7 thousand rubles, while in Murom – 25.6 thousand rubles.

According to Vladimirstat, the average per capita spendings in the city are 17,157 rubles, while in the countryside they are 16,944.5 rubles. In the city, 40.2% of income is spent on food, while in the village – 44.4%. An average citizen spends Br6.897 for food, while a villager – Br7.523. Villagers spend significantly more on non-food products (41.6%), than urban residents (34.4%), while the opposite is true for entertainment and services in general. Spending on alcohol, according to a sample survey by Vladimirstat, is at the same level in the city and in the countryside.

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