“United Russia” suspended the party membership of deputy governor Godunin after a criminal case

He will be permanently expelled from the ranks of the United Russia only if he is convicted by a court of law

The biggesr russian party “United Russia” suspended the membership of deputy governor Roman Godunin, against whom a criminal case was brought under the article “restriction of competition by using his official position”. Nikolai Pitirimov, secretary of the local UR branch in Vladimir, told our editors that a local policy council meeting was held on May 25 at approximately 6 p.m. to confirm the suspension of Godunin’s membership. A quorum, i.e., an eligible majority, was present, Pitirimov added.

“Deputy Governor Sipyagin, who is mentioned in the media in connection with the criminal case, is not a member of United Russia. By decision of the local political council, his membership in the party has been suspended in accordance with the Charter. Further steps will be taken depending on what the court ruling says,” says a succinct statement on the website of the Vladimir regional branch of the party.

It’s noteworthy that Godunin is not mentioned by name, being referred to as “Deputy Governor Sipyagin” (and, as the citizens of the 33rd region know, there is more than one Deputy Governor). This suggests analogies with the well-known opposition figure who cannot be named in high pro-government circles and in the media.

Let’s remind, on February, 25th, 2021 the Legislative assembly where majority is held by United Russia resources, has agreed Roman Godunin on a post of the vice-governor supervising sphere of housing and communal services in administration of the Vladimir region. Thirty-one deputies voted in favor, one abstained, and no one was against.

Godunin has won competition on substitution of a post in April, 2020. His previous place of work was utility company “Vladimirteplogaz” where he worked as the commercial director. Roman Sergeyevich is the son of the former head of Suzdal Sergey Godunin, as well as the son-in-law of the ex-mayor of the regional center Alexander Rybakov. However, this did not help him at the first attempt to get the “permission” from the Legislative Assembly, which surprised Governor Vladimir Sipyagin.

Incidentally, the criminal case against Godunin is connected with the contract for the construction of the Rpensky proezd (road) in Vladimir, whose cost exceeds two billion rubles.

According to the investigation, the vice-governor by means of threats and persuasion has induced the management of state-owned enterprise “DSU-3” and “MNK Group” to conclude an agreement restricting competition, under which the company and the firm together participate in an electronic auction, without reducing the maximum price of the contract, thus helping to declare the auction void. Thus, the winner is the contractor who first submitted a bid – and it was “DSU-3. In return, the second bidder was promised half the amount of work under the terms of reference.

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