Vladimir City Deputies Allowed the Public Utility Office not to Give Profits to the Budget

The company will send 7.5 million rubles for investment projects

At a regular meeting of the City Council on May 26, the deputies allowed the municipal “Vladimirvodokanal” not to give profits to the city budget. According to the law the company had to transfer 10% of the MUE’s net profit. In 2020, it was 74,820,121.84 rubles, that is, the budget had to pay 7.5 million rubles.

City officials suggested deputies to keep the money from “Vladimirvodokanal”. They should go to pay for technological connections and investment programs in the regional center.

According to deputy mayor Sergei Litvinkin, the municipal company has problems with payments to subscribers, also on “Vladimirvodokanal” is a social burden.

“Last year there was a difficult situation with the coronavirus, the population’s payments fell, by about 5%. In addition, “Vladimirvodokanal” has a heavy social load, it was allocated and transferred for the maintenance of a bathing complex in the Yurievets neighborhood, “- said Litvinkin.

At the moment “Vladimirvodokanal” is laying water supply and sewage pipes in the microdistrict Orgtrud – in Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya and Druzhba streets. Another site is a neighborhood Mostostroy. At the meeting on the construction of the highway M-12 residents complained to Andrei Shokhin about the lack of water supply and asked to make a central water supply as a compensation for the road near the houses. For all these objects and should now go 7.5 million profits “Vladimirvodokanal.

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