With Current Salaries, 40% Of People in Vladimir Will Never Buy a Car

A resident of the region with an average income will have to save for a car for 9.2 years

“RIA Novosti” has calculated that a resident of the Vladimir region, who has an income equal to the regional average, will have to save up for a new car for 9.2 years, putting aside half of his earnings every month. According to this indicator, our region ranks 55th. For the calculations, the analysts agreed that the cost of a new car would be two million rubles. 40.6% of all residents of the region will never be able to save for a car, as their income does not allow to make monthly savings.

The news agency also found out how much an average Vladimir citizen will save for a used car worth 800 thousand rubles. He will be able to do it in more foreseeable time of 4.4 years.

The Chukotka Autonomous District is at the top of the list of purchasing power, where an average salary can save for a car for 3.5 years. In Moscow, this period is 4.6 years. Kabardino-Balkarian republic was in the anti-rating of regions, where you have to save money for a car for 11.1 years, if you get the average salary for the region. For 59.8% of inhabitants of that subject, a car remains an inaccessible luxury.

The authors of the rating specify: according to official data, there will be 50 million cars on the roads of Russia in 2021. This means that somehow every third person in the country could afford a vehicle.

Rosstat data also gives much more optimistic data than analysts’ forecasts, based on average salaries in the regions. For example, the Vladimir region had 57 cars for every 100 families in 2020. It is true that the situation in our region has not changed in six years. In pre-sanctioned times, in 2014, there were 56 cars per 100 Vladimir families.

In Moscow, over the past six years, the number of cars per 100 families decreased from 74 to 62. In Kabardino-Balkaria – from 64 to 50, and in Chukotka Autonomous Okrug increased from 3 to 21.

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