Vladimir Hacker Receives Suspended Sentence for Participation in International Group

Man appeals against sentence

Frunzensky District Court of Vladimir passed a guilty verdict on a 36-year-old local resident under an article on the creation and distribution of malicious programs (Article 273.1 of the Criminal Code). Regional FSB accused the man of involvement in the activities of the international hacker group FIN7, the release said. Vladimir was convicted for cooperation with the company in the period from September 2016 to May 2018.

The criminal community is suspected of involvement in the hacking of American and European companies specializing in financial activities and storing access to users’ bank cards. The community also distributed infected emails, through which the attackers gained access to users’ personal data.

It is specified that part of specialists from CIS countries was hired by the community through job search services. IT specialists, working for the criminals, were confident that they were testing the bank’s security system.

The court of Vladimir sentenced the guilty to one year of imprisonment conditionally with probation of one year. The sentence was passed on October 29 and did not come into legal force. The convicted person filed an appeal.

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