Plant Workers Lost a Court Case to Suspend Unvaccinated Employees In Kovrov

The court dismissed the lawsuit of two employees

On December 24, in Kovrov, the city court dismissed the lawsuit of two workers against the plant named after Degtyarev, who demanded to recognize the order to suspend unvaccinated workers from production without compensation for their wages as illegal. The workers demanded to recover from the enterprise their lost earnings during the forced absence, as well as compensation for moral harm.

According to the plaintiffs, Tatiana Danilova, chief sanitary doctor of the Vladimir region, exceeded her authority by expanding the list of persons subject to compulsory vaccination. The governor’s decree of March 17, 2020, regulating coronavirus restrictions, however, contains no grounds for suspending plant employees from work.

The press service of the court did not cite the arguments of the judge who dismissed the lawsuit. The website states only the following: “The court did not agree with such arguments.”

As of December 24, 43.2% of the population in the Vladimir region had been vaccinated, or 53.2% of all citizens over 18. The authorities stimulate the vaccination campaign with prizes and gifts as well as with rather strict restrictions.

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